Chula Vista Golf Course Schedule & Event Maps

The Chula Vista Golf Course is located at 4475 Bonita Rd, Bonita, CA 91902

Event Schedule:
1:00 – Vendors Set Up Booths
2:00 – Vendors start to clear vehicles and areas, Event Managers to start Inspections
2:45 – Vendors to remove all vehicles from Event area, DJ Geolectric will start music
3:00 – Fiesta Street Market is OPEN
7:00 – Fiesta Street Market is CLOSED, Vendors start tear down of booths, remove trash, clean their booth area of all debris.
8:00 – Vendors must leave parking lot

Vendor Traffic Flow Map

Please follow the flow of traffic to the Check-In Red Circle on the above map. 

Vendor parking will be across the street as to free up space for the Golf Course and Market guests.

After receiving your booth number at Check-In proceed to your spot located on the Booth Map. Park in front of your booth as to not block vehicles behind you and unload quickly.  Then park your vehicle across the street and return to set up.

Vendor Booth Map
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